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Pilates & Core Strength Home Exercises Volume 1

Join this course today if you want to

1. Increase or maintain Core Strength
2. Prevent or avoid Back Issues
3. Improve Flexibility and Mobility
and just feel better and have more energy.

Current course participants have seen their back pain vanish and their game of golf, tennis or football improve. Their postures changed to the better as they increased their postural awareness and knowledge of how to strengthen their core and improve their mobility and flexibility.
Find a detailed Course Plan / Curriculum at the bottom of this page.

Reasons why you should join in:

  1. Do the exercises in your own time, at a time that suits you.
  2. No rushing around.
  3. No commuting, travelling getting stuck in traffic.
  4. Anytime accessible via your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (as long as you have internet access).

What's included in this online course:

  1. One Warm-Up routine (video) which focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulders.
  2. Four Pilates & Core Strength Exercise Combinations (videos).
  3. One Cool-Down or Warm-Down routine (video).
  4. A list of benefits for each exercise and what it is good for.
  5. Access to a private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions or share your experiences and progress.
  6. Anytime - Unlimited access to all resources via your Smart-Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer.
  7. Worksheets, Tools & a 4 week Sample Programme (all printable and downloadable PDF files).
    I will hope to make it easier for you to keep exercising and benefit more from doing so > as we go along and as long as you provide feedback what other things you need and what would be beneficial (considering other time and work commitments of mine).
    Keep in mind this is your course, please help out to make it better. Thank you - Martin

For whom is and isn't this course:

  1. Ideally you should have attended some Pilates classes or courses already, meaning you are familiar with a good few exercises. This course is *not* suitable for pure beginners (Check here how far I have progressed with my "Online Beginners Pilates Course" - 21.08.2017)
  2. I assume you do *not* have any major back, neck, shoulder or other structural issues and you do *not* have any back, neck, shoulder or other pain when joining this course.
    (After releasing this course I'm going to start working on a *Beginners Pilates & Cores Strength* Online Course that you might join in the future or you might consider One-to-One private Pilates Sessions (click her).)

Need more specific help? Consider personalized One-to-One Training !

If you think this course doesn't fit what you are looking for because e.g. you look for (1) a programme that is tailor to your specific needs, (2) more progressions, (3) sport specific programme or (4) you want to take your exercise programme to the next level ... then contact Martin via his website so he can help you with your questions and give you expert advice.

Personal Trainer (since 2002) Fitness - Kettlebell - Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach, NLP Practitioner, BEng

Martin Luschin

Join Martin in one of his online or offline courses and benefit from 15 years experience and expertise in the Fitness, Health and Well-Being Industry. He teaches Pilates & Core Strength Classes since 2003 and works with One-to-One, Private Clients and as well as various groups. Group courses include Morning Pilates for Busy Mums, Men Only Pilates, Over 60s Pilates & Fitness. He also worked with various teams e.g. UCD Mens Rowing Squad, TCD Ladies Rowing Squad and teaches currently in corporate settings e.g. Ulster Bank (and Vodafone, the Equality Authority, Byrne Wallace Law Firm etc. in the past).Oh ... by the way he worked for five years as Hard & Software design engineer (he has a BEng in Electronics & Telecommuncation) in Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, before he changed career in 2002.He actively participated in numerous road, cross-country and hill running races as well as triathlons, in Germany, Ireland, USA and Belgium, between 1990 and 2005. These days he keeps himself fit via a mix of Calisthenics, Kettlebells, Pilates and a bit of Running.He enjoys hill-walking in Wicklow or walks along Killiney Beach with his partner Geraldine and their dog, is a avid reader or listener (audiobooks) and enjoys a night out in a local Indian or Thai restaurant, if he is not out and about teaching classes, exercising or offering private one to one training.

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5 star rating

Snow Pilates

Karen Rothwell

Hi Martin, thanks for making this available, really appreciate it. Videos are at a good pace, very clear, good to have visual check at home between classes...

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Hi Martin, thanks for making this available, really appreciate it. Videos are at a good pace, very clear, good to have visual check at home between classes. It is helping me anchor the exercises in my memory. Used my tablet so I could have it down on the floor beside me, easy to see as I was working. Thanks again. Karen

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